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What we do


We simply help to make your brands and your products
more appealing

depending on the type of media used, and to
communicate effectively.










We all come from different
backgrounds, geography, educations and experience.
And this brings the real open-mindedness.


We are


Paul Partner - Operation
I have been in communication design for over 2 decades.
My first job was an in-house graphics designer cum photographer for a Japanese departmental store. Over time, I was then exposed to multi-media and signage from various companies i had worked with. We aren't doing a lot of management as we are small. We don't sell and we just don't take our portfolio around too. Through words ofmouth, it keeps our name out there and it has led to incredible opportunities.


Molly Partner - Design
I was a fashion buyer by profession. I have been engaging myself in communication design business for more than a decade. For some, strong personal style is important but not to me. My work in general tends to incline towards simplicity. I enjoy my work in different approach, by giving the thought of what's most appropriate, into well-defined layouts. The most important part is to be able to change styles to fit into each work. It flatters me each time when there are positive results.


Ow Partner - Technical
I'm a database programmer who works with computer languages. I have more than 20 years of experiencein SQL, CSS and HTML. To average Joe, it may seem boring as i spend most of my time at work in front of a screen coding. I am gratified when my applications run, which are user friendly and reach the targeted customers.

Our Services

We just want your messages to be seen, received, understood, remembered
and responded positively by your intended audience.

Graphic & Web Designing

Key Words Development

Corporate Branding



Web Analytics


Some of our works

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    Kitchen Specialist
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    space u8

    Marketing Brochure
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    Company Profile
  • img04


    Signage Project
  • Life

    Promotion Truck
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    KLCC Kiosk (MIEKL)

    Dewan Filharmonik PETRONAS
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    Marketing Brochure
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    Corporate Identity

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We work with clients from all over the world.
We are based in Kuala Lumpur.